Love is the drug…

Since new drug Addyi (dubbed the female Viagra) received FDA approval, and its manufacturers Sprout Pharmaceuticals, a $1billion price tag, us ponderers of love have had much to think about.

Is lack of sexual desire really a medical condition? And in what context is it normal?

Many online commentators have said that Addyi should be prescribed for the wives of the cheats on the Ashley Madison website. Said in jest maybe, but I imagine that is precisely how this tablet – with little proven efficacy and marked risk of side-effects, will be marketed.addyi

If your partner wants sex and you don’t, then it’s imperative you take action or your marriage will break down, they say. Even if it means taking a drug that was originally trialled as an antidepressant and is contra-indicated with alcohol (seriously?). And why is it that our brain chemistry must be tinkered with? Why not drug him instead to temper his libido? Problem solved. Couples could rediscover the joy of board games while our planet crosses its fingers and hopes us pesky humans will eventually stop breeding.

In our modern world which aspires to attain and sustain relationship perfection, there are too many variables to simply diagnose a woman who doesn’t want sex, as suffering from ‘sexual dysfunction’. What next? Might they broaden the diagnostic criteria to encompass new mothers or post-menopausals who aren’t bounding into bed, lube in hand, at the mention of an any-orifice-goes gang bang?

Most women like sex. However they tend to like it more when:

  1. They are feeling happy and healthy
  2. They aren’t benchmarking their desirability against the relentless bombardment of sexualised airbrushed images of 15 year old girls
  3. The sexual positions and foreplay (unlike the majority depicted in porn) actually effectively stimulate the clitoris
  4. They’ve had at least 3 hours sleep
  5. They don’t smell of baby puke
  6. The seduction techniques of their partner go beyond that of trimming their toe-nails in the sink prior

Women want this drug, the industry claims. Do they really? Or maybe they just think they do because the drug company’s PR campaign pitched it as a discrimination issue. Men have Viagra, ladies what do you have?

Don’t give us a tablet. Give us a break instead.

And stop trying to fix social problems with pharmacological solutions.

Besides if anything’s going to be tinkering with my brain chemistry, I’d much rather it be self-prescribed and administered from a 750cl bottle via a glass with a stem. 

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