About me


About me:

I was born in London, in 1977, with a big heart, big feet and big ideals. I was going to be a Vet and change the world.

Aged 25, my ambition had dwindled to finding a husband and having babies.

Aged 27, I realised, I was missing the point. I ended my relationship, and set up a matchmaking agency to find the truth about love and fulfilment.

Six years later, having personally interviewed and matched thousands of singles, and finally sorted my own life out, I decided it was paramount, for the future of humanity, that I write a novel to share my findings.

I finished it within six months. It was awful.

I wrote it again. Not much better.

I re-wrote it a further five times. Then self-published. To everyone’s surprise (apart from my mum’s), it reached number one on Amazon UK and US. I then acquired an agent and a publisher. They asked me to write two more books.

My writing might contain a few rude words and some dubious phallus-humour but the premise always comes back to love and what it means to us all.

If you’d like to be updated when I have a new book out, sign up here. I’m also on facebook.com/haleyhillauthor. When I’m not chasing my twin girls around the house or attending to my needy hound, I write features for newspapers, magazines and blog for The Huffington Post, but mostly I just muck about on twitter. Tweet me @haleyhillnow, I’d love for us to be in touch.

3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Hayley,

    I hope it’s ok that I’m contacting you via the comments section (I don’t think I had many other options). Please feel free not to approve this comment after reading it.

    Firstly, I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your posts. And when I get round to locating my brother’s old kindle, I shall certainly check the book out. I remember reading that review somewhere stating that it was like MIC meets TOWIE… I never thought that I’d end up finding the author’s blog before I read the book though.

    Now I was actually intending to ask for your advice re writing a book but then I saw your tweet about not bothering if that was your intention! So I’m at a bit of a loss now…

    I think I have an idea for one and whilst you obviously don’t know me or owe me anything, if you’re incredibly bored one day, I’d love to run it by you it that’s ok?

    Many thanks and no worries if I never hear back from you. At least I tried.


    • This is too cute. Hayley, did you write this incredibly funny guy back? I have no intention of writing a book, too lazy, but know that Sean is not lazy and actually wrote his book or his this close to finishing his book.

      • Ha. You’re too kind my dear.

        Back in London finally and am about to kick the publisher’s bottom to see where we are. Hopefully my first (and only?) book/eBook will be available shortly…

        And speaking of books, I read Hayley’s on the flight. Very British humour but from our online interactions, I know you’d enjoy it too.

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