Press and reviews


‘Haley depicts relationships as multi-dimensional and love as multi-faceted. As a result the book goes beyond throwaway Chick Lit and becomes something greater.’ True Believer

‘I laughed aloud, even to the point of tears.’ JGR Writer

‘I have honestly never laughed so much whilst reading a book in my entire life. I absolutely adored it.’ Old Victorian Quill

‘Haley’s writing is really sharp and clever’ Laura Lovelock

‘Fans of Sex and the City will enjoy Ellie and her fellow matchmaker’s adventures and I’d recommend this novel to readers looking for a funny, honest and entertaining read’ One More Page

‘Chock full of characters so colourful they jump off the page’ Keep Calm and Read a Book

‘…had me laughing really hard and even now, when thinking of them I can’t help but smile.’ This Chick Reads

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